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Are there any hidden costs?

None whatsoever. We are transparent.

Is it really FREE to publish my short story?

Yes. Membership is free. Keep your credit card in your pocket.

Who owns the copyright to my story?

You do, even when published.

Do submitted stories get edited by incredible shorts before publishing?

Not at all. But in rare cases we may contact authors with suggestions.

How many words does my story have to be?

Between 1,000 to 15,000 as a guide.

Can readers contact the author directly?

For data protection reasons, it will be through the platform at first.

Can I find new stories easily?

Yes. New stories will be top of the list in your membership area.

I am having difficulty signing into the Incredible Shorts Membership Site

Please click here to go directly to the Membership Site Login Page. Fill in the email address that you used to join the membership. You can change the password that was sent to you originally in an email to something more familiar to you by clicking on the 'change password' link at the bottom right of the image. You will receive an email to change the password. Follow the instructions.

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